15ml Charisma Eco-friendly Car Freshener & Perfume




Product Description

environment with the spirit of well – being.
Light fragrant notes never fails to bring a smile on your Face.

How to use:
1) The Wooden cover functions as a wick – allowing the perfume oils to evaporate into the air and thus perfume your surrounding.
2) Whenever you feel the fragrance is too mild,turn the bottle upside down so that the perfume oil permeates the wooden cover again

Speciality of the Mahak Fragrance Oils:
Made from 100 % Natural Flower Oils
An ideal diffuser for the Car.
Free from artificial fragrance
Free from artificial color.
100% Non Alcoholic
Free from additives or synthetic chemicals
Non irritant
Non tested on animals

1) Always use the supplied wooden cap for fragrance diffusion.
2) Please do not fiddle with this car air freshener while driving.
3) In event of accidental ingestion of this product’s contact seek medical treatment immediately.
4) Keep away from children,pets and individuals with hypersensitivity to perfumes.
5) To prevent damage to your car’s interiors in the event of accidental spilling of this product contents,wipe immediately with Dry cloth,then wipe again thoroughly with cloth moistened with water.