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Air Fresheners Champa

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Product Description

The room freshener is made from champa essential oil extracted from the flowers of champa plant.

The room freshener is 100% water based with no added chemicals/alcohol. The room freshener of champa is non-toxic and non-irritant and is not tested on animals.

Benefits: Experience the exotic floral fragrances of champa by just a simple spray of the room freshener.

If you spray it once, you will get its fragrance and feel like spraying it again and again. The fragrance is so addictive.

Quantity: 100 ml
No. Of Piece: 1 Pieces
How to use:

· Shake well before spraying
· Spray it in the center of your room so that the fragrance spreads throughout the room.
· Cover it with its cap after using it.


· Protect it from sunlight.
· Do not spray near flame.
· Avoid contact with eyes. If it enters your eyes, wash your eyes properly and consult a physician.