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Bathroom Frshener & Perfume – classic Sporty

Blaze Fragrance Diffuser

Rs. 150.00

100% Non Alcoholic Fragrance Diffuser

SKU: FD-Blaze.

Product Description

100% Non – Alcoholic

By virtue of its name is designed to spread the sweet smell of fragrance.

It is a unique fragrance diffuser which spreads fragrance through its wooden cork.

The fragrance diffusion is directly proportional to the amount of fragrance absorbed by the cork.

Blaze is Sugandhim’s master fragrance and also the most appreciated fragrance in the consumer circle which takes one on to a fragrant classic sporty trail with slightly aromatic notes.

It is Sugandhim’s signatory fragrance and a must have for all Sugandhim Fans.

Quantity: 10 ml

How to use:

1) Replace the original bottle cap with the wooden cap.
2) Use the disc shaped tape and fix it at the base of the bottle to stick the bottle.
3) Let the wooden cap soak in the fragrance before it diffuses the scent.


1) An ideal diffuser to fragrant office, car, study room, living room as well as washroom.
2) 100%cent Non-Alcoholic, non-irritant and not tested on animals.
3) Livens up the dull environment by adding the fragrance persona into the rooms.
4) It can be effectively placed in any corner of the room.


1) Always use the supplied wooden cap for fragrance diffusion.
2) Do not directly expose it to sunlight.