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Electric Diffuser

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Electric Diffusers are safe and effective. They continuously release the scent of Essential Oil into the atmosphere Leaving a requirement of minimum or no supervision.

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Product Description

Electric Diffuser with Aroma oil

How to use

  • Put 5 –10 drops of water.
  • Put 5–10 drops of fragrance Oil/Essential oil.
  • Switch on the Diffuser.
  • They can be used in offices, hotels,bedroom etc.


  • Do not put fingers or hand into the on Diffuser.
  • Risk of electrical shock if water spill on Diffuser.
  • Do not cover the Diffuser.
  • Oils may collect on Diffuser from outlet to clean, remove Diffuser from outlet and wipe with clean, dry cloth.


Actual appearance of the product may be differ from the picture display on website.


Additional Information

Weight 100 kg