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Feather Touch

Feather Touch-Massage Oil

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A magical aroma oil to exfoliate & detoxicate your derma & reveal you a soft tender touch.

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Product Description

Feather Touch Massage Oil


Almond oil (Prunes amygdales) – Tweak snehak, Tweak poshak.

Jojoba oil (Simmondsiachinensis) – Skin moisturizer, Skin Nourishes.

Geranium oil (Cymbopogonschoenanthus) – Aromatic, Tweak Uttejak, Tweak Nourishes.

Patchouli oil (Pogodtemon patchouli) – Varnya, Vishaghna, Twachya.

Frankincense oil (Boswelliacarteri) – Durgandhhar, Sthanikshothhar.

Lavender oil (Lavandulaofficinalis) – Vatnadibolya, Shothhar.

How to use

Apply the oils gently on skin.


Use to Nourish & Moisturize the skin/Local Muscle. Useful to prevent Body bad smell, & tiredness of muscles.


Packing Size



36 months from the date of manufacturing.