Roll On Sontaka 8ml


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100% Non – Alcoholic

1) Perfume is a non-alcoholic long lasting fragrance.
2) It is a very convenient way to be fragrant always.
3) The small handy bottles can be easily carried in purses, hand bags and vanity pouches.
4) Easy to use.

Instructions to use:
1) Replace the existing cap with roll on applicator.
2) Use or apply the fragrance only with the applicator.
3) For best results, apply fragrance at the pulse points.

1) Avoid the contact with the eyes. If the fragrance comes in contact with eyes, rinse the eye with cold water or consult a physician.
2) Do not apply fragrance on the sensitive areas of the face.
3) An excessive use of fragrance is not recommended.
4) Before application of fragrance, perform a patch test to check for dermal irritation.

The fragrances formulated are skin friendly, non –toxic and non-irritant to the best of our knowledge.
The said product is designed for fragrancing one self only.