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Reed Diffuser Gift Pack Siddhi (Charisma)

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Siddhi Reed Diffuser is a designed scientifically based on piinciple of diffusion.

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Product Description

Anandin – Fragrance of Joy

Siddhi (Charishma) – Reed Diffuser Fragrance Gift Set
an Innovative Attractive Fragrance Gift Set for the Festive Season!!!
Just how the sun is perceived by its rays evaporating aura of various molecules there by spreading a sense of pleasantness when porous reeds are immersed inside bottle of fragrance oil, reeds slowly absorbs the fragrance oil & gently permeates the room.

Quantity: 100 ml + 100 ml refill

Fragrance Description:

A perfect harmonious blend of enchanting woody fragrant note, which dissipates the sense of warmth to the environment.The fragrance creates a very calm, meditative, subtle atmosphere for clarity of thought at the chaotic workplace. Submerge into the Woods.

How to use:
1) Remove the wooden cap of the bottle, remove the inner plug & replace the wooden cap again.
2) Insert the 6 wooden reed diffusers in the bottle through the opening on the wooden cap .
3) Let the wooden reeds soak in the fragrance & diffuse the scent.

1) An ideal diffuser to fragrant office, study room, living room as well as bathroom.
2) 100% Non-Alcoholic, non-irritant and not tested on animals.
3) Truly a 24*7 maintenance & smoke free aromatic experience.
4) Livens up the dull environment by adding the fragrance persona into the rooms.
6) 100% ECO FRIENDLY!!!
7) It can be effectively placed in any corner of the room.

1) Handle with care and avoid contact of oil and reeds with furniture and fabrics.
2) Spills should be cleaned up immediately as it may cause staining.
3) Do not ingest.
4) Avoid heat or flame.
5) Store in a cool dry place
6) Use this oil only with supplied reeds.