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About this product – Sugandhim Tea Tree Essential Oil 100% Pure & Natural
FeaturesPlant Name- Tea Tree
Scientific Name- Melaleuca alternifolia
Parts Used- Leaves
Mode of Distillation- Steam distillation
Areas in India- Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand

Recommended use:
1) Inhalation: The most widely used domestic method for experiencing the effects of essential oils is inhalation. Just add a few drops to steaming hot water and inhale the steam.It helps to relive the congestion caused by Colds & Flu and relive a sore throat.
2) Bath: For an Immune stimulant,its useful before infectious illnesess reach their full potential,use few drops in the bath when you begin to feel ill.

Precautions :
1) Skin sensitization is rare,but person with sensitive skin should conduct a patch test before concentrated use.

1) The oral intake of Tea tree oil is not allowed.
2) Pregnant and breast feeding mothers should avoid using Tea tree oil.
Warranty : 1 Months Manufacturer Warranty
In The box: Tea Tree Essential Oil 100% Pure & Natural
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